cnv-tools project


The cnv-tools project is a collection of packages useful in the analysis of copy number variants (CNV).
Currently there are three main packages:

CNVtools - R package for robust CNV case control and quantitative trait association.

Normtools - collection of C++ programs for normalizing microarray data.

WaveNorm - implements loess correction for the correction of genomic 'wave' artefacts.


CNVtools is under review in Bioconductor. If it get accepted we will redirect users to the Bioconductor page for download. This shou,d hopefully happen within a few weeks.


The packages in the project are still under development. All users are advised to join the mailing list to keep up with new versions, bug fixes and any other notifications. If you want help, think you have found a bug or have any other enquiries about a package it should be directed towards the mailing list. There are no restrictions on the use of this code except that the developers take no liability for any problems that may arise from its use. The software is provided as is, without warranty of any kind.